Are You Serious About Your Goal Setting?

Are You Serious About Your Goal Setting?

The start of the year means time for new goals and new beginnings. No matter what kind of goals you are setting for yourself, you always need to follow a goal-setting process. Especially when your goal is fitness related, mapping it out will be a lifesaver in making sure you conquer that goal with as little obstacles in your way as possible.

Fitness goals are something that many people talk about but the truth of it is, that is all that happens they just get talked about and not done. When it comes to fitness goals, people often feel lost in figuring out how to make them and what to do in order to make those goals turn into reality.

When creating these goals that you wish to accomplish, create one and focus on that one. Making too many at once will get you scatterbrained and will take what feels like longer to finish these goals. Make these goals measurable, specific, and SET A TIME LIMIT. Setting a time limit on your goals will give you something to push for and a finish line in sight. Without a time limit, you are more likely to push it off:

“I will do it tomorrow” 

“I do not have the time right now”

“It is too late”

All these things we have heard or even said ourselves at one time or another, but in the end, the only person it is hurting and setting back is you. If you are reading this blog right now with fitness goals in mind that you have not reached yet…finish reading and get moving! 

GET RID OF YOUR SCALES!! Yes, we said it. Seeing just a number on the scale can be very discouraging at times especially when you know that you have been busting your butt. An ordinary scale will only show you your overall weight and that is all nothing more to it. What it does not show is how much muscle you have on your body, how much water you are holding, and your exact fat percentage. We like to tell our clients to base it all on how your clothes are feeling on you. Take something that you know is a little snug on you whether it is a pair of jeans or your favorite dress and try it on every other week and you will notice a difference.  

Another helpful tip to do when trying to go after a fitness goal is to stay off of social media or unfollow the people who seem to have that “perfect body.” This is something that can affect the way that you are seeing your progress a lot. Some people will get it stuck in their mind that they need to look a certain way in order to be happy with themselves. At times people will think that they are not making progress or they will never reach their goals because they are seeing someone else reach their goals quicker or you think that they look better than you. The main thing to keep in mind is that everyone goes at their own pace, and no one body is the same as the other.

Like we have always preached…create your vision board. Put your thoughts and dreams down on paper and make it so you can see these goals every single day. Without that constant reminder of what we are going after, it is easier to go astray and forget about it in your day to day life. Always remember that a goal without a plan is just a thought and most of the time, we forget our thoughts if it is not right in our faces reminding us daily. 

A good way to become motivated in reaching your fitness goals is by writing down your ‘why’s.’ This list will give you purpose to bettering your life and will give you that push if you look at it every day, especially on the days that you are not feeling the most motivated to go after your goals.

  • “Why is getting into shape important to me?” 
  • “Will this make me happier, more confident?”
  • “What is the purpose?”

In your plan to become more physically fit, make sure you figure out how you are going to overcome any obstacle that comes your way, and what those obstacles may be. In many cases, you can steer clear of any issues by planning ahead and getting your ‘escape route’ down for when or if something gets between you and your goals. You must get your mindfully in and then your body will follow.

Always remember that when creating your goals you want them to be SMART goals:






Following this guideline when creating your fitness goals is the first step in the right direction, getting you closer and closer to your goals. Remember we are always here to help you obtain your goals and we love seeing people prevail! Any questions at all, never hesitate to reach out to us.