Magic Wand Mindset

Magic Wand Mindset

Jeramy Freeman shares his thoughts on how to create a successful life through Magic Wand thinking in this short 7-minute video. (Below is a transcription of the video.)

Today I want to talk about why it's so important to create a greater vision for where you see yourself in your life. The greater vision for yourself, how you see yourself, and why now it’s more important than ever. 

We just came through a pandemic where we were totally shut down.. over 32 million businesses were shut down, and some will never reopen.  Although we were, given a gift as well.  A pause on life where we didn't have to go through our daily routine.   We have been able to stop and reflect and assess where we are at... and where do we want to go from here? 

For a lot of people they feel like they’re a victim of the circumstances but what I want you to do is flip that around and think, - You know what, I can be the victor... I can come out the other side of this is a champion... a champion of my life and start taking control of my life.

What happens is we start to fall into a pattern of doing for everyone else and not really thinking of ourselves.  Who are you and who do you want to be? 

In this current situation, it is really easy to fall into that category, where you can become a victim and feel like your hands are tied and you are chained down and can't move outside of what is being thrown at you. 

This is really an opportunity for you to be able to self assess and take control. It’s time to understand where you want to go and what your vision is.  That vision is what I call is your, "MAGIC WAND" idea of your best life.  A MAGIC WAND is- if I tapped you with a magic wand right now what would your best life look like? 

  So, how do you build that magic wand vision of your best life?

  1. Look at yourself and the characteristics that are important to you as an individual.
  2. What standards or characteristics are important to me?
  3. Am I the person I see myself as?
  4. Am I a person of strong integrity?
  5. Am I a person people can trust?
  6. Is my word true?
  7. Am I kind to people?
  8. Am I loving?
  9. What is important to you?
  10. Am I I living at my best?

Essentially when you see yourself living a life better than you're living right now, look at who you are and how you’re willing to change as an individual?  Start operating from a higher vibrational frequency.

That will help build you up and bring up your level. 

Your greater vision (MW) is an image of you being your best self and it's got to be driven by characteristics that will guide your choices.  If you want to live a better, greater life, you have to grow as an individual.

You are an accumulation of the choices you have made in life up to this point.   No-one wants to hear that but, the bottom line is, the things we think and how we think,  dictate what every single cell in our body does. The words we say, the actions we take, all matters and all accumulate to bring us to the point that we're at.

We need to change those choices we make.

  1. Start to shift your thinking to more positive thinking rather than all the worry and doubt that comes along with not knowing what to expect.
  2. Create that greater vision that helps give you the feeling of possibility, gives you excitement or hope.
  3. Focus on those things, you're more apt to be able to take action toward a better situation a better life.  Take some time and really focus on what the best version of yourself looks like and write it down. What does it look like? What standards are characteristics are you going to hold true to from here on out? What is that best life look like? A lot of times people think their best life as it pertains to a bigger house, a better car, a better relationship, and all those things are congruent. Putting those things in there okay but also it’s taking control of your life too.  

We all want better results in some area. Stop and think, what area do you want better results in?  It could be a better relationship, it could be your financial situation, it could be a number of different things but right now what do you want better results in? 

Then, of course, We all want freedom. Freedom of time is usually the biggest thing my coaching clients are looking for.

So how can you free up time for yourself, your family for the people that you love? If you think about, that is taking control of your own situation by creating your own business or whatever it is, it's different for everybody. Take the time to write it out what you need to create more freedom.


When you have that greater vision it gives you clarity and that's what we need.. we need clarity..  We need clarity on where we're headed. When you know what your true vision (MW) is it will tell you a lot of things: 

  • It will tell you what you should not be doing
  • What you should avoid doing. That's really important because we have a lot of things we shouldn't be doing.
  • It helps you to understand what you need to do.
  • It helps you understand what your purpose is
  • What your vital work should be day and day out.

That's what’s going to help move you toward that greater Vision, your Magic Wand. That purpose changes everything. 

So take time to create that greater Vision that MAGIC WAND vision of your life and what you look like in that greater Vision that best version of you.

Then start taking the actions that help you move toward it.

Those small incremental choices that you make, from the way you think to the way that you speak and the way that you act all day long and you’ll see everything changes. It has to start right now, what we do now, in this moment will change your next moment. So be aware of how you're thinking, be aware of what you're speaking, be aware of your conversations and your internal conversations with yourself, and take action.


p.s. if you're having trouble getting into that "big picture mindset", try this.

Take some UPGRADE when you first wake up. (this will help open your minds creativity) Do something physical to get your blood flowing, then sit down with a pen and paper at a desk, a table where ever, and let your ideas flow onto the paper. No correcting yourself, no limiting yourself. Start with categories like finances, relationships, health and break them down into what your "magic wand" life would look like. Create that perfect day!.