Many people are afraid of the word obsession. They think that obsession is unhealthy; it is attached to all kinds of negatives. 
Dream stealers talk about having balance and moderation. How it is not healthy to be obsessed with your passion or goals. They try to pull you back to their comfort zone, their world of mediocrity.
Look around you and you will easily see in order to get ahead or make progress in any endeavor... You must get obsessed! Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, Gary V, Grant Cardone, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Robbins, are NOT the ones who are telling you to take a moderate approach to your goals. They are the ones preaching every day about Obsession. They are the elite few who are reaping seeds of obsession! 
If you were a law student studying for the bar exam, or a medical student studying for your doctorate and someone said, "Just read your books a couple of times. Don't overdo, it is unhealthy to study too much, your getting obsessed!" The likelihood of that person ever achieving their goal is minimal at best.

I have done a lot of things in my life: I am a professional athlete; a professional IFBB bodybuilder, a professional putt-putt golf player, and a professional dodge ballplayer. I am a college graduate and have studied in depth the hard sciences. I've bought, fixed and sold houses. I've owned businesses on both coasts. I have promoted a successful bodybuilding and fitness show for 13 years.

Obsession is the fuel that ignites desire and emotion

I'm telling you right now, that if you do not get obsessed and you decide to just go through the motions or take a moderate approach to your goals, dreams or any other endeavor in your life, you will fall short, over and over and over and you may never feel the sensation and true satisfaction of success! Obsession is key in obtaining a goal and speeding up the process of obtaining it. Obsession is not negative, it is a gift!


You know your OBSESSED when you find yourself talking continually about your "Magic Wand," purpose, or goal. You can't stop thinking about it, you daydream about it, you dream about it at night, it is the first thing you think about upon rising. This is what obsession looks like and when you're obsessed with every thought, word, and action you have driven you toward your purpose.


We all have more in us that needs to be let out in order to be our absolute best version of who we are. 
Take time to focus on what it is you truly want to do and be:
What is your positive obsession?
What do you love to do that gives you joy?
Apply and leverage your gifts and strengths to this positive Obsession. Become a dedicated learner, make it a mission to learn and educate yourself every day. Acquire new knowledge that will help you move toward and be better at your Obsession.
Guard against "dream stealers" that are quick to tell you who you are now, and why you're not capable of becoming who you want to be. Beware of your own limiting, doubtful, negative self-talk.
Surround yourself with like-minded people that will support you and encourage you to be your absolute best daily!
REINVENT YOURSELF by being obsessed with being your best self and letting out your full potential that's been locked up inside of you!
Start today! Start now! Make today count and LIVE WITH GREATNESS!!!!!