Gratitude: Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot

Grateful Gratitude Jeramy Freeman

I have been in the health and fitness field for over 25 years. I have encountered many different types of people in that amount of time. Most of the people I've worked with enjoy the process of getting in shape and feeling great along with the hard work that goes with it. Then there are others that are next to impossible to please. So I try a little harder to help them see things from a different angle or try to find a way to make them happy. For some people, this is next to impossible because of the lack of gratitude in their life. Everything is about them and they constantly look for reasons to be offended, upset or hurt. Continually expressing complaints is transformative just like continually expressing gratitude is transformative.

Imagine an experiment involving two people: One is asked to spend 10 minutes each morning and evening expressing gratitude (there is always something to be grateful for). The other is asked to spend the same amount of time practicing complaining (there is after all, always something to complain about).

One of the subjects is saying things like, "I hate my job." "I can't stand working out." "Why can't I make enough money?" "My spouse doesn't get along with me." "Everything bad seems to happen to me." The other is saying things like, "I'm really grateful for the opportunity to work. There are so many people these days who can't even find a job." "I love my training and I'm grateful for my health." "I so appreciate and am grateful for my friends and family." "What a gorgeous day!" "I'm grateful for even the smallest blessings in my life." "I am grateful for the wonderful people I surround myself with." They do this experiment for a year. Guaranteed, at the end of the year, the person practicing complaining will have deeply reaffirmed all of the negative stuff rather than having let it go and will be quite miserable, just like they practiced. On the other hand, the one expressing gratitude will be a very happy and grateful person enjoying every day, just like they practiced.

Being and feeling grateful brings you more things to be grateful for. Expressing gratitude can indeed change our way of seeing ourselves and the world. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Try This..
Take time each day to think about all the things that you feel grateful for, it is transformative and will propel you in a positive direction. You’ll be glad you did.


Gratitude Give Thanks For A Little and You Will Find A Lot