How to Create Your “Magic Wand” Life

How to Create Your “Magic Wand” Life
If you were to close your eyes right now and picture your perfect life, your best life, what would it look like? Would you be sitting on the beach enjoying life or would you still be doing what you are doing today? Like Jeramy has put it this is your “magic wand,” if you could wave a magic wand over your life and having everything that you have ever dreamed of, what would that be? So many people have this idea in their heads about what their perfect life would look like but not many will chase after that idea.

One of the many ideas that we like to tell people to do is to create a vision board. This board can include what your perfect like would look like or it can include goals that you are currently after. Especially with the new year just arriving, many people like to create new goals that they want to accomplish for the year to come. Using pictures and phrases of what a perfect life would look like to you or of your goal and having the constant image reminder pushes us further than we even realize.

Creating a new vision board after accomplishing everything on your previous one and holding on to all of them, shows you the progress you have made in life and shows you your accomplishments. This should encourage you to continue pushing on with these goals and creating an even bigger and bigger goal that have no limit on them at all (except a time limit of course.) We all encourage you to start your vision board TODAY, no matter what your goals are, draw it out, write it out, no matter what you have to do...get it in writing!

Writing down your goals and dreams is putting you one step closer to creating that vision in your head of a perfect life and creating that “magic wand” effect. Setting a goal for yourself that has a deadline to it especially one that puts you at more of a time crunch forces you to perform at your very best in order to achieve that goal. Setting big goals with short timelines is something that many people are too scared to do because they are afraid of not reaching that goal and feeling disappointed in themselves. We are here to say, stop predetermining that you are not going to absolutely crush that goal and succeed at anything that you put your mind to. When thinking about that vision of your perfect life start putting it with the words “ I WILL.”
I WILL accomplish all of my goalsI WILL live a happy and healthy life
I WILL gain control over my physical health
This all can be something that is hard to take in at first and to adapt to. So many people have that “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll start Monday” mindset, this automatically puts us behind when chasing after our goals, when you have the choice to do it now or later, always choose the now! Procrastinating, especially when it comes to personal goals is something that unfortunately far too many people know about. Creating a perfect life starts with you taking that first step to success, no matter how scary it may seem or how lengthy you feel it will be.

So many people today want that feeling of instant gratification and when they do not get that feeling they become discouraged and want to give up. Giving up will only set them further back then where they were before. A perfect life does not just come overnight, it comes with hard work and dedication. It comes when you are pushing yourself further and further, even when you think you could not have worked any harder, there is always still going to be a little left in you.

A lot of people have in their heads that there is no such thing as perfection. If that is the case, then those people will always find something wrong with whatever they are doing or going after. Everyone has a different idea of what a perfect life would look like to them, no two people have the same vision of that. So I want who right now to think in your head what your definition of perfect is. If you had a “perfect life” what would you be doing right now, would you still be reading this blog? The more thought that you put into this definition and what it is all about, the more you are going to want to go after it and obtain that perfect image.

We challenge you to start putting into a journal today what your perfect life or your “magic wand” life would look like. Encourage your loved ones to do the same as well, and push each other to accomplish your goals and aspirations. This may seem like hard work, but we promise you, IT’S WORTH IT!