I hate it when I feel Blah. Why is it happening?

I hate it when I feel Blah. Why is it happening?

Have you ever sat there and said to yourself, "wow, I'm in a funk and I don't know why" or maybe you take a look at the interactions you're having with a spouse, friend, child or coworker and they're just out of sync, hard to communicate with. You start going through all the positive things in your life. Maybe you have a great family or support system, you do something physical every day, you eat right but you still feel blah. You just can't put your finger on it but you know you have to do something. What is wrong with you, you might ask? You're physically ok, there's nothing really going on there so what could it be?

There are many different things that could be going on in your life to give you a case of the blah's but we want to talk about energy and how energy impacts you and what you can do about it. How by taking simple steps after becoming aware of the impact of energy, you can rid yourself of the low-frequency blahs.

Let's first talk about energy. What is energy? Energy is defined as "The quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on or to heat, the object" per Wikipedia.  In addition "energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed." So what does this mean and how does this make me feel blah?

In today's current climate with a global virus pandemic, civil unrest, along with the threat of naturally occurring phenomenons like hurricanes, there is a lot of low-frequency, "negative" energy being transferred to us. Just turn on the news, pull up your favorite news aggregator on your mobile phone and we bet the first 10 articles are all about things that make us feel threatened on some level.

You might be asking yourself now, we always seem to have negative, low-frequency external things going on around us, we've dealt with these things before and it never gave us the blahs like now. If we look at everything external going on, you're probably right, minus the "new normal" virus thing but the thing we need to consider is we can take those things in stride when we are "normal" but when we start from a lower frequency and compound everything on top of it, we get the case of the blahs. Our work-life balance or separation is no longer separated for most. Our routines, our normalcy, and comforts have been turned upside down now for months and now we're facing the next phase. A next phase we are unsure of. Do we want to go back to the old way? Do we want that old routine of getting ready to go to work at a job where we don't feel fulfilled, where our most important people most of the time are a lower priority because of the need to do the job?

So how can we get rid of the blahs and move to a higher frequency in order to attract the energy and things we want in our life?

First is to recognize that you are operating at a lower frequency and that is causing the malaise feelings you have. To take a moment and say, this is happening, I recognize it and I AM going to change it.

Second is reduce or eliminate the stuff within our control. STOP checking the news every morning first things, STOP checking social media at every break you have. STOP or reduce the interaction with people who are operating at a lower frequency and negative. STOP with the internal story you're telling yourself about how you are the victim of these negative things. STOP eating foods that are processed, and not good for you and not full of higher frequencies.

The third is to start thinking about your purpose. If you haven't already defined it, define it, and refine it! Write it down, reread it every morning and night. Without purpose, you're lost, you're just existing. The job you are deciding if you want to go back to if it aligns with your purpose then go back to it. If it doesn't, this is the time to shift and move forward with what your gift is. Being in alignment and removing the duality of your life and purpose with allow you to operate at the highest frequency. To remove the blahs for good. We are at a point in history that you can redefine who you are and who you want to be. To start over or shift.  To jumpstart and UPGRADE your life, your relationships. To operate at a higher frequency and energy level.

Lastly, because we know the impact food and what we fuel our body with has an effect on our mental and physical energy, make sure you are ingesting high-frequency foods every day. Things like green leafy vegetables, sprouts, beans and legumes, blue-green algae, mushrooms. If you want the best of these foods, without shopping for each, try our High-Frequency Super Food.  It harnesses the most nutrient-dense, organic, raw plant food source ingredients on the planet in each scoop.

We all have periods of time where we feel down, lost focus, and energy. The key... The opportunity for you is to recognize when it's happening and regardless of what is causing it, taking action to move yourself to a higher-frequency through thought, purpose, and fueling your body with higher energy foods. #iheartmegahertz