Meal Plan Week 1

Meal Plan  Week 1
Nutrition plan
Congrats you made it through week one!!
 This is the easy part, you have inspiration motivation and education to start strong! Each week we will review our goals and build on them as we go.  When you have a clear vision of your Magic Wand it is much easier to stay motivated and make the right choices. 
1. Review Your Magic Wand:  
What is the result you are looking for? 
If you were going to try to hit a bullseye you would look at the center of the dart board and throw a dart in that direction, and repeat adjusting your throw based on your last action. Eventually you will hit the bullseye right?   Now what if I were to blindfold you and turn you around and around stopping wherever you stop- what is the likelihood of you hitting that bullseye?  It is drastically reduced.  You may never hit it using that method.  That's how goal setting works. When you are dialed into your goal, know what you want and adjusting your action based on your last action you are most likely going to hit that goal that must faster.
Quick Tip:
We as humans are very visual, let's use this to make everything easier.  Find a picture of you at your goal weight, or a celebrity or influencer whose body looks the way you wish yours looked.  Cut and paste your face on that body so you can "see" yourself at your goal.  Put this in a place you can see daily.  (in your planner, next to your bed, on your mirror, on your screensaver)
You must create the vision.  Know what you want. You must see it in your minds eye.  Spend some time every day creating the visual image of yourself at your goal. Allow yourself the time to dream and see success for yourself. Act the way you would if you were already at your goal weight. 
2. Improve On Yesterday:

The great thing about this life is that we get to choose who we are going to be each day.   Strive to do better today than you did yesterday - even if it is a small improvement.  Over time a small improvement becomes a huge change.  Like following your nutrition plan (as is) or giving 100% effort during your training or cardio.  This isn't a popular mindset, however it the mindset of the uber successful. 

We recommend you access your day.  In your journal rate your day, 1-5.  1 is that you went through the motions and 5 is you did everything perfect that you could to make today the best day possible. Rate your day everyday.  Then adjust your "throw" for tomorrow!!!


3. Walk the Walk:

It is very important for you to believe in yourself.  Walk with confidence knowing that your dreams are in progress.  Keeping a positive mental attitude and visualizing progress is a huge factor in your ability to be successful in any endeavor in life.

You got this!! I know you can do it.  Mindset is everything to achieve your goals. If you need anything, please contact me:)

"Success is never accidental.  It is the result of a well defined goal, an action plan and unwavering, persistent ACTION!"