Nutrition Plan Week 2

Week two nutrition program.  This week we are working on your self discipline, your mental strength and your confidence. Those are words no one likes to use until you are strong in them...🧐
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Excellent work. Week 2 is already complete!
That was a rather simple week.  We're about  to find out what you're really made of 😉
when your vision is clear your choices become easier
1. Review your Goals-
Re-evaluate your objectives—what motivates you? It's worth revisiting. Re-define it and make that vision more clear. To stay strong, look for more anchor inspiration. When problems arise, the more powerful, larger, and more visible your goals are, the easier it will be to overcome them. Building the mental fortitude and self-assurance you'll need to get through this life.
clarity conquers confusion
2. Improve on Yesterday-
Identify your limiting belief, your legitimate reason for why something is hard or difficult for you as an excuse and then get rid of them. 
WTH? Yes, don't allow yourself be stopped. If you're like the thousands of people I've coached over the last two decades, you're discovering that you're in charge of yourself.
You DO have valid reasons for why something may not work for you or why something may be difficult for you. Yes, they are legitimate reasons for non-movement, but let's call it an excuse.
When you can detach yourself from the obstacle and name it, you'll be able to halt, change, or overcome it.  Anything is possible for you! Just don't stop yourself, don’t limit you!  As my daughters like to remind me the word impossible, has the words I'M Possible in it! 
3. Walk the Walk-
Only talk about your transformation process in a positive light. Keep in mind that you are what you think about and talk about!
Find a get it crew  (a group of like minded people, who understand your purpose your goals and are doing something similar that will support you. ) 
Jeramy and I will be part of your get it crew, and we will be there if you need us! Simply make contact. No Dream-Stealers are permitted.
You already have everything you need to be successful...that together with the tools we're providing, will propel you forward; all you have to do now is use them! You've got this!
I believe in you, xoxo-Kim