Productivity and Positive Mindset in Challenging Times

Productivity and Positive Mindset in Challenging Times

Being productive is very different than being busy and most of us are just really good at being busy. 

It is easy to feel unmotivated or overwhelmed when our goals are not clearly defined and we are not envisioning our magic wand.

It is important for us to remember our purpose and create purpose driven behavior to accomplish our goals and dreams.

Remember that your to do list is the means to your dreams. You need to honor, respect, and commit to your purpose every single day. You need unwavering focus and you need to be obsessed. If you don’t want it bad enough- who will? 

Every single thing accomplished on your to do list is a step towards your magic wand. These steps are helping you achieve your dreams. 

Below are productivity hacks that will help you achieve your highest good: 


At Freeman Formula, mindset is the most important thing to be able to accomplish what is necessary to achieve. Without the proper mindset, your focus will waver and you will be unsuccessful.

Instead of saying I “HAVE” to do this, say I “GET” to do this. This will bring me closer to my dreams! This task will bring me closer to my magic wand! Take those feelings of suffering and convert them into feelings of freedom. The freedom to achieve your dreams is all yours- you just have to feel that way! Think of your to-do list as opportunities and not setbacks- then watch your day change! 



Do the hardest tasks first. Accomplish what you need to get done now and without excuses. If you have enough energy to generate the excuses as to why something could not happen, you have just as much energy to create the reasons why it CAN happen. Get the hardest tasks out of the way first and that sense of accomplishment will help you breeze through the other tasks on your list with ease, confidence, and resilience. 


Act as if it is already done. Create a belief and a knowing that everything is already accomplished. When you feel like it is already done and you know that you are getting everything that you have wanted and have asked for, seas will part and mountains will move for you. You have to have that sense of knowing to be able to proceed.

In today’s world of unrest, keeping focused and maintaining a positive mindset will reap many benefits for not only you but the people around you. It starts with you and we’re here to support you, guide, lead you if need be. We even have a new offer for you to get 1 on 1 personal coaching with Jeramy Freeman. Check it out here: