The Pillars to Success

The Pillars to Success

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself, “what steps can I take to help create purpose in my life?” Everyone seems to go through life wanting to know their purpose or why they are here and it seems we sometimes aimlessly walk around looking for it, waiting for it to announce it selves to us and all the while walking around on auto-pilot not realizing that we are worth so much more.

A lot of times we are taught to “hate” the word “perfect” and what it stands for, but we could not disagree. We want you to find your perfect and always have something to strive for: always have a goal to achieve. When you are always working on becoming a better version of yourself, you are always on the path to greatness. 

We want you to think about your purpose. Why are you here? What inspires you? What motivates you? How do I find my real purpose in life? If time and money were not an object, what would you be doing? And why? And then we want you to realize that time will pass anyway. Money is going to be spent anyway. Why would we not spend it on absolute bliss?

Purpose Driven Behavior:

Once you find your purpose, you have to actually implement certain actions to become that which you are trying to be, or else you just have a dream. Dreams are wonderful, but they need to become goals and they need to become actions so you can live out the beauty of them. 

When you define your purpose and you find your magic wand- that image of exactly who you want to be, it is so important that you find and develop purpose-driven behaviors to be able to accomplish all you set out to do, as fast as you can. We don’t want to take 50 years to become the best versions of ourselves. We want to become that person today. 

Purpose-driven behavior is different than a to-do list. Purpose-driven behavior is a course of action that we know we have to take and we are excited about taking because we know that it is through those actions that we can be and do and have anything that we have ever wanted. We know that we will be able to achieve the greatness that is ours if we work at it every single day. We do not have a single second to waste. We need to become exactly who we have always wanted to be. We need to take action every day whether we want to or not. Whether we feel like it or not. Whether we want to sleep in or would rather have that piece of pizza, or whether we would like to call in sick- we DON’T. We do it anyway because our purpose is so strong. Our vision of our magic wand is so crystal clear that we would never disappoint ourselves by making the wrong decision.

We want our magic wand so badly, and we want our success so badly that we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our accomplishment, as fast as we can. We want to make sure that we are achieving our dreams and becoming who we want to be. Our purpose is what drives us, not our fears and not our insecurities.

For most people, their fears and their insecurities drive their entire life and you see the consequences of that all around us. We want to instill purpose-driven behavior so that regardless of our status, our mood, or our circumstances, that we persevere. Every day we choose to win. Every day we choose ourselves. Every day we set out to live our best life. Every single day no matter what! 

Take this week to determine what purpose-driven behavior is for you. What three actions can you take every single day to bring yourself closer to your magic wand? How can you achieve the biggest dreams you have ever set your sights on today? What can you do to become that person? Find out and do it, today.

Commitment & Responsibility:

Commitment. It is a word that is really scary for most people, so much so that countless movies and books have been written about it.

Responsibility. Another word that most people, children or adults alike, can’t even wrap their head around even wanting or liking.

At Freeman Formula, we couldn’t disagree more.

We love commitment and responsibility and we preach it. Most people think commitment and responsibility are your duties to another person, but again, we couldn’t disagree more. Commitment and responsibility are the two biggest gifts that you could ever provide or gift yourself. Most of us break promises to ourselves on almost a daily basis.  We promise we will wake up earlier. Eat healthier. Exercise. Be more patient.

But it doesn’t happen.

As a matter of fact, no one lets us down more frequently than ourselves. We can break a promise to ourselves 3, 4, 5 times a day and we never get upset. But if someone else treated us this poorly, we would be livid! 



Committing to what you say you are going to do and taking responsibility for your actions is the greatest gift you can give yourself because it truly is the gift of a more extraordinary life. When you decide that you are going to keep all the promises to yourself and you are going to take accountability for who you really are, you are then able to succeed in a way that less than 3% of the population can. It is not only important, but it is also necessary if you are going to live the life of your dreams. Are you committed or are you just interested? You can be interested in a lot of things: world peace, soccer, politics- but if you are not committed to taking actionable steps towards making a difference, you are not committed. If you are not actually making an effort towards improving your conditions, you are just interested.

Relentless Action:

You hear all the people talking about positive thinking, believing in yourself, meditating. While we believe that every single one of these things is vital to the success of a person, as a matter of a fact we know these things- 

We know positive thinking is important because everything starts out as a thought.

We know we are in charge of our own mindset.

We know faith is an action step and we have to believe in ourselves.

We have to have a positive mindset to be able to create the correct chemicals in our brains.

We know our physiology supports our happiness.

All of this is accurate.

But what most gurus are missing is the simple fact that without action, nothing will ever happen. When you operate from his mindset, and you truly believe and understand that your action is the single thing separating you from the life you have from the life you want, you will start making strides NOW. We talk about living an extraordinary life NOW.

Indomitable Spirit: 

Having an indomitable spirit means having a never give up attitude. It means that no matter what conditions are happening on the outside, you do not give up on the inside. Having an indomitable spirit means that you sweat the small stuff.

Wait, what?


A lot of people say don’t sweat the small stuff and we could not disagree more! You have to sweat the small stuff because the small stuff is the big stuff! The small habits that you make every single day is the person that you become. You need to realize that you are out of time. We have no time left to waste!  We need to never give up no matter what is happening at any given time.

Maintaining Momentum: 

You started setting intentions for your day so you could be the creator of your own future instead of just the observer of conditions in your life. These things need to be nurtured and maintained and you need to continue the momentum. What is not okay is going back to who you were before. Your magic wand image? It is always evolving. Think back 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago. You are always evolving and you are always wanting more. You have to continue that momentum and continue reinventing that magic wand idea or image so you can successfully continue to grow. You always have something to improve upon. You always have something to be and to get better. You are always going to have a goal, a dream, and a wish, and now you have the tools to understand how to make that magic wand image come to life. You need to maintain the momentum, continue the habits, instill the behaviors that you learned to only become more.  You need to take these principles and make them a lifestyle.

Empowerment & Transformation: 

You were able to change your life.

You were able to stick to a commitment.

You were able to find your purpose.

You were able to utilize purpose-driven behavior and act only in a way that brought that purpose to life. 

You made a commitment to yourself.

You took responsibility for your own life and the achievement of your goals. 

You had an indomitable spirit and adapted a never give up attitude.

You made sure to maintain momentum and not give up on yourself after you achieved your goal.

You didn’t go back to your old habits.

You have reached true empowerment.

You have experienced transformation.

Your friends and family don’t even recognize this new you.

You are happier, more excited, thrilled even, for life.

Waking up is exciting for you because you have decided it is the best day of your life. Treating yourself well through diet and exercise is a habit, you are not glad that the program is over so you can go back to eating desserts.

You are loving nourishing your body.

You are enjoying your success rituals.

You are a completely different person.

You have risen, you have emerged. 

You have become who you always knew you could be.

The transformation feels miraculous. You can go through life thinking nothing is a miracle, or you can go through life thinking everything is a miracle. Your new way of thinking, of acting, of behaving, has helped you adopt an attitude of everything is a miracle.

We could not be more proud of who you have become.

At Freeman Formula, we do not take success for what our clients accomplish.

What we do is show you the tools to help you become successful on your own.

We want you to know that YOU did this.

YOU were the one who didn’t let your image of extraordinary fade away.

You are living an extraordinary life now.

Make today and everyday count.