Thoughts Control Your Energy Frequency

Thoughts Control Your Energy Frequency

“What you think, controls every cell in your body!” 

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

“Be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Jeramy has shared these sayings for many years now, but how many of us actually put this theory to the test? Who can say to us that when they have changed the way that they have thought about a certain situation to try and get the best outcome possible. If you are someone who tends to do the opposite when in that kind of situation, do not worry you are not alone with that. Countless times, if someone gets bad news about something or someone in their life, their mind goes to the worst possible outcome without even realizing it. It almost seems like it is human nature to think of the worst yet hope for the best. We all should start thinking of the best and planning for the best. 

Often times when we are placed into unexpected situations, it is scary and unknown, your mind will travel to more of a negative mindset and our thoughts will run wild. Our thoughts become the origin of every outcome in our lives and there have been countless studies done to prove this theory. When going over the frequency scale, it goes as follows;


Negative Energy:

  1. Ignorance (Don’t Know)
  2. Worry/Doubt
  3. Fear (Disorganized Chaos)
  4. + Proton: Acids (Cellular Disruption) Inflammation
  5. Stress/Anxiety (Suppressed Low Energy Physical Vibration)
  6. Depressed
  7. Sickness
  8. Disease
  9. DEATH

Positive Energy:

  1. Knowledge (I Do Know)
  2. Confidence/Expectation (Possibility)
  3. Faith (Organized Perfection)
  4. - Electron: Alkaline (Cellular Unity)
  5. Health/Well Being (Expressed High Energy Physical Vibration)
  6. Happy
  7. Optimal Health
  8. Growth

We’re thinking you would agree, but that positive list sounds so much better than that list of the negatives. Often times, when someone is diagnosed with a health problem, they start to think the worst and they work their way down that list and that is what ends up killing them in the long run. Compared to going into it with a positive attitude and an open mindset to know that everything will be okay if you keep your thoughts positive and your worries are thrown out the door. The further into the negative list that you go, the harder it is to pull yourself out, but it is never too late to change your thinking and your attitude towards situations. 

When you are living your life with low vibrations, you are in a state of mind that you need to get yourself out of as soon as possible. You become very emotionally distant, irritable, often feel fatigued and low energy. You will catch yourself only focusing on the negatives in your life and never look at the positives. If you feel like at times you seem to be only focusing on the negatives of your life, sit down and write out a gratitude list. It does not have to be an extensive list but it can just be something that you do before going to bed at night. Having that visual of an actual list in front of you will be a major help in getting yourself out of that rut that you have found yourself in.  

People who are living with a high vibration, live life the complete opposite of the person who is living life in a lower vibration. These people are more self-aware, they are emotionally balanced, and oftentimes they regularly feel gratitude for what they have in their lives. Someone who is living in this state of mind will often use the phrase “I am” when talking about themselves. For example; “I AM unstoppable” “I AM limitless” “I AM extraordinary” 

Gratitude lists are something that everyone should be doing every single day. These lists are not meant just for the people who seem to be unhappy and living life on the negative end of the spectrum…they are for EVERYONE. It is so easy to get caught up in the negatives in life and forget about all of the amazing things that we currently have. Having that list and putting it down on paper is a reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Just listing these off in your head does not do anyone any good. Often we forget what our list was or just brush it off. When it is physically in front of you, there is no brushing it off or forgetting. We challenge you all to create a gratitude list tonight before you go to bed and try to continue this on every night this week. Pay attention to how your mood changes and how much better and positive you will feel throughout the day. 

Living life at a high frequency opens the door to opportunities, adventure, and most importantly, happiness. Go throughout your day today and smile at more people, compliment someone, spread happiness like your life depended on it…because as we now know, it kind of does ;)