Top 5 Questions About UPGRADE by Freeman Formula

Top 5 Questions About UPGRADE by Freeman Formula

Your life is busy and stressful...

You're pulled in a million directions...

 Give yourself a Healthy Brain Boost 


What is UPGRADE?

It’s a non-stimulate brain energizer formulated to work with the body rather than against it. When your brains on, your whole body’s on. It gets you into a higher state of focus, clarity, and helps you move forward in your day.

Who Could Benefit From It?

Jeramy’s and Kim’s mission in everything they do is to help people get better results in anything they’re doing. The goal of this product is to help people dial in, focus, increase creativity, and reduce their “stress” state. Anyone who needs to critical think, in a high-stress role, or needs to be creative, will benefit from UPGRADE.

Upgrade enhances your mood



What should you feel, what are the effects?

You will feel dialed in, calmer, alert, reduce stress. It helps you to get into a clear space, and have more energy.





When and how should you use UPGRADE?

UPGRADE should be part of your routines, habits, and behaviors to make better choices. Take it as soon as you get up, setting your intention for the day. You can take on an empty stomach before breakfast but you’ll want to take some carbohydrates to fuel your brain as UPGRADE will increase your brain activity and therefore it’s requirements for carbohydrates.

What’s the difference between UPGRADE and energy shot/brain nootropics?

Energy products are designed to give you short bursts of energy but you get the jitters and they actually put your body in a state of stress. UPGRADE is designed as a non-stimulate, reducing stress, increasing your clarity and focus by moving blood to the prefrontal cortex.

In addition, we often get questions about UPGRADE’s ingredients. UPGRADE has a proprietary blend of all-natural, quality ingredients like shishondra with combats stress and increasing focus, P.E.A that will put a smile on your face, Alpha GPC to boost your mental quickness. Oh plus some Green Tea extract for a little kick of lasting energy. The main ingredient in UPGRADE is Alpha GPC- the most absorbable form of Acetyl Choline. Acetyl Choline increases neurotransmitter transmission and synapse response. With UPGRADE we send the signal and deliver it faster. Which means you can learn faster, remember quicker. It also contains anti-stress agent, Schisandrol A. It is an Adaptogen that helps you to deal with stress.


Upgrade combats stress and fatigue